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Question before I buy Email Spider

Hi @Sven

Have some questions before I buy this soft.

I need to send around 5000-10000 emails per day, Customer will not send a reply to, or a feedback, to the @from email address, they will just click a link to a webpage, in the message. I know that it wasn't build to send things like that, and I'm not interested to use this program for Spam, but I'm interested to reduce the costs with sendgrid, and use fake email addresses as sender, because my email provider doesn't let me to send more than 500 emails per day. The question is if that's possible?

I mean if i set %random%@{|||} as sender, will the software work, and send the newsletters? Do I need to add other settings? Sorry if this question sounds stupid but I'm noob in using the email spider software.

What is the best way to set Email Spider to send 10k emails per day, without using sendgrid, considering that I also can't use my email provider because he limits me to 500 emails per day per domain?

My second question. I also own GSA SER, and Indexer. Is it possible to give me a discount?



  • SvenSven

    You can use the "direct Send" option which doesn't use any email provider. You can just leave smtp server empty and use almost any email address you want (domain should exists). However this method also means that many email providers will see it being a fake address and not deliver it.

    Discount: sorry no.

  • Thanks @Sven,

    Do you intend to add the ability of automatically rotate between free SMTP servers (yahoo, gmail, etc) into GSA Email Spider? The tool supports like 30 different providers, but I can't see it the tool can rotate between accounts using the spin syntax. Or am I wrong? I've also read the tutorials but can't see how this can be done in current version

    It would be great if you could add a little SMTP account manager/checker into Spider, just like the email account manager on GSA SER.
  • SvenSven
    Yes that feature will come in one of the furture versions.
  • @Sven, do you have any news about the multiple SMTP account manager/checker ?

  • SvenSven
    sorry, haven't started with that.
  • automatically rotate between free SMTP servers (yahoo, gmail, etc) into GSA Email Spider?  that would be a amazing feature I defenlly would buy email spider if it has this. please sven as soon as you have an idea when you will realize this feature let me know 

    thanks for good work.

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