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How to decrease bandwidth usage and keep the same performance?

Hi guys, I have been searching this for awhile but cant find my answer anywhere. I currently switched to a dedi which as absolutely insane perfomance, racking in 320LPM. But the bandwidth usage is extremely high, about 18GB per hours, that would be approximate 400+ GB per day, that would be approximately 13TB per month, which exceed the bandwidth allowed of my server (10TB) My current setting is: 1. 500 threads. 2. 120 HTML 3. 90 dedi proxies 4. 30 projects. Currently running 30 projects, some with site list some with scraping in scrapebox and posting with SER, not to mention that i havent used scrapebox here yet :D Iam tracking my bandwidth with networx, not sure if there are any more accurate tracker? Thanks guys, Peter


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    You need to find a better dedicated host. Most will give you an unmetered port. I just checked and both Hostamus and SolidSEO VPS both have unmetered. Solid doesn't have dedis but they have highline VPS's.
  • goonergooner
    Hi Peter,

    I can't help you directly, but i would say your bandwidth usage sounds a little high.
    I use twice as many threads as you and run SB 24/7 and my usage is 12TB/month (according to the dedi supplier). So i would definitely try another tracker for a second opinion.
  • @brandon, i actually havent' used SolidSEOVPS yet, i have been thinking about going with them but i think a dedi should always outperform a VPS no matter what :(@gooner: so the supplier also give you that infor right? or is there any other tracker you use to keep everything in place?
  • goonergooner
    supplier gave it to me.
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