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Scheduled Posting on same sites

Hi, I'm using GSA SER for some weeks now and I see for my T2 and T3 (do-follow article submissions) the following behavior.

Maybe it is a typical "Already parsed" question, but I did not find something.

My projects contain approx. 15 URLs I want to build links to. I bought a verified list and imported it. Scheduled posting is enabled 5 +/- 2 max. posts and 5 +/- 2 accounts per site. Global lists are enabled also for identified, submitted, verified (and partly failed)

The basic problem is that I see for some projects "Already parsed" messages and I see that the imported target lists go down very fast from 25k links to nearly 0 and the submissions drop very much, too. So I reimported the targets and cleared the history. This seems to work.

The question is that I expected this to happen after e.g. 10 - 20 articles have been submitted to a single target URL. In reality max. 3 accounts have been created on a target with one article (not 5 +/- 2) on each. I can observed this for numerous projects I run. Is there an explanation for having only one article per account despite of a different setting?

Now since I cleared the history and reimported the targets on one project this one is starting to create new accounts and submission is ongoing. It this the way it goes?

Is it correct that I only deleted the history but not to delete the account data?

Thanks for your help.


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