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4k on SER only 500 in ahrefs ?

hello, I dunnow where is the problem here. 
On my GSA SER there are 4k Verified . But when i checked on ahrefs only 544 show up since last 2 days ? Even i'm using 3 indexer. Seo indexer + @instanlinkindexer and @linkprocessor . This is very weird .. 


  • Ahrefs (and others) don't pick up everything, and are not live, so it might take a few days / a week before you see all the links - and remember, no matter what you do, not all of your links will be indexed.
  • i think it's ahrefs problem. majesticseo is working fine
  • I've found ahrefs to be quicker in finding links after the initial blast, but overtime majesticseo finds more total links.
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