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How to avoid this

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I came across this problem many times and need to fix it..basically I use articles where links are already hand coded insite article..I am not using any %url% tag this last campaign I have 2 links in the article ..but when SER post aticle, it put the link at the end like this 'for more information ...check out ..'

so basically my posted articles now have 3 links..two links that I have hand coded and SER added link at bottom..When setting up campaing I haven't ticked any box under keywords or why SER posting extra links..This happens with dolphin and oxwall platform [willl let u know if other platform also post the same]

Second problem is if I go and edit campaign, it starts posting again even though submission is finished for the suppose if i have 40 submission set per day and ser already done that and if i go and edit the will start posting basically if i edit campain i am going to get double submission for that to avoid that?


  • SvenSven

    1. thats normal. If the randomly chosen URL from your project is not one of the fixed URLs you placed in your article than the program needs to make sure it places the URL. If there is no anchor text where it can make that link, it will put it at the end. Else it would submit an article, try to verify it and will never be successful as the chosen URL is not present. I call this logical ;)

    2. Normal as well as things like this are not remembered on a project reload. Mentioned many times.

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    thanks for reply Sven..but I have put the same url in URL basically my article has same url I embeded and one SER embeded at the end of article..

    edit .....does / url in URL field is with /   while embeded url doesn';t have slash
  • SvenSven

    see thats the problem searches for exact url...

    I might fix this though.

  • haaa..and i was wondering how come SER post it twice..though it doesn't happen on all platform..thanks for solving the mystery..and it would be nice if you fix this '/'..
  • SvenSven
    already did for upcoming version
  • here is another scenario Sven..

    I have 10 urls..i split them into two batches of 5 each i embed these urls at two separate places in the URL field i put all 10 urls..

    With this setup i still get that additional link at the bottom of article when ser post it..

    When I have single embeded link in article, SER works fine and don't add additional link at the bottom..but if I embedded two or more links [and even if I put all the urls in URL field] SER add that additional link at the bottom

    Is there anyway to completely avoid additional bottom link if I am manually embedding links in the articles?
  • SvenSven
    Well you need to add at least once the %url% somewhere int eh article as this is the one URL the program needs to verify later on. For the rest you can use %random_url%
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