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SER and ranking strategy for long term


I got SER for near 10 months now, and I didn't gave much attention after I got 3 website deindexed on Google I don't know really why that was 6 months ago. But since early march I got a website indexed on first page that I wanted to rank on december and I started to get a nice earning and as I gave up Youtube because it was pretty boring I decided to take back SEO.

So, 2 weeks ago I bought ScrapeBox and I'm scraping all day, but now I have few questions about the direct link building strategy to a money site.

On GSA my project is always set to not post to URL with OBL more than 100 and to post with PR3+, for a long time I used the integrated scraper system of GSA but it slowly started to get worst until it was terrible I coudn't get more than 500 verified links with a 100k list keywords. So it's why I decided to buy ScrapeBox and learn how to use it. Finally I'm scraping now around 300-400k URL per day only from Google, is this good ? From 1kk URL I would say I can get only 50-100 verified links on my project, I think this is not really good as some links start to die after few days.

Question : So finally I wanted to know if I should down to PR2+ the PR filter on my project in order to get more backlinks, but I don't want to harm my website as I prefer to have a long term money site instead having the website burned in no times but I would say I don't like at all to do not create constantly new backlinks.

Second question : When verified links start to be removed, this mean they're completely useless and can be removed from the verified sitelist, is using the Project -> Show URL -> Verified -> Verify will clean the verified sitelist of removed backlinks ?

Ehm I don't have any others questions for now, I learned a lots of things these last days and it's hard to decide what I should do or not as SEO is giving result on long term.

Thanks for your help.

PS : I'm sorry for this big text ahah.
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