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Free Trial - Beta Testing - New Link Indexer Service

edited April 2014 in Buy / Sell / Trade
We are in early stages of creating a new link indexer service for SER. To accelerate development process we are looking for SER users to test our service.

This is very powerful so only test if you want fast indexing rate. For beta test no drip feed available.

Requirements to Beta Test Service
  • We are only looking to index URL's were SER creates a new page on website. (These are the most difficult links to index).
  • To start and be considered please be able to post Scrapebox Index Checker screenshot/results of Before and then After.
  • Please allow minimum 72 hours to post Indexer Checker After results.
  • Minimum +1,000 URL's to test service required.

Note: Please keep in mind this is in early development and we are looking to improve our future service.


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