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Edit Tier Filter Options - Select by Platform

Any possibility of adding the option in the future to "Select by engine/specific platform" instead of "Select by engine type" in the Tier Filter Options?


  • SvenSven
    Till now I though that categories are way better to set things up than having all engines there.
  • The reason I ask is because Moodle is under the category "Article" but often times the Blog isn't publicly visible, only the profile link. 

    I do not wish to build any links from my lower tiers to profile links, but if you select only "Article" under Tier Filter then SER will build links to the Moodle profile even though there is no visible article.

    With select by engine this could be fixed.
  • SvenSven
    well indeed. Maybe I should move moodle away from the article platforms anyway...that article posting almost never comes visible.
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