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Wicked Article Creator Server Issues

Anyone know if WAC is still in business?  Opened a case a couple days ago and no reply.  When you go to some of their help pages - get a 404 error. 

Running WAC on server 2008 with VPS Seo.  Ran for a week with no issues.  Last 2 days it starts scrape and then then just "hangs".  De-install / re-install worked once to fix it, now it will not.  Did not do any upgrades between when it worked and when it stopped.  Have tried with and without proxies.  Also have bounced server between de-installs and re-installs. 

Any suggestions?

Also - since the support from this company appears to be non-existant, any recommendations for a more reliable piece of software that also auto fills the GSA info?



  • @Safenet, I don't know why you didn't get a support but WAC works very well (on my PC) and I've got a very fast support.

    BTW, I purchased WAC maybe a week ago.
  • edited April 2014
    safenet Next step up is Kontent Machine. WAC is buggy.
  • Care to review Kontent Machine now that you've had some time with it?
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