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As working with gsa I see lacking functionality of such a template projects with child - parent hierarchy. 1. I see nowhere ability to be able to use verified url from another project - and more important if I add a new url to that project they should also be added in all those child projects to post on it. 2. We could have also possibility to remove a verified urls eg by domain from all child projects - it's a very important in tier projects - what's a point in linking to a non-existing domain urls? 3. Regarding all projects. After an update comes a new engine and we have to enable it in every project separetely.


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    1) Are you talking about multi-tiering? The second checkbox in the data tab allows you to use verified URLS from another project. 

    2) If you set it to reverify links it should automatically remove the moving/nonexistent URLS and connecting tier will not build links to them.

    3) There is an option that appears when a new engine is added that allows you to highlight all projects > right click and "select new engine" or something like that. It only appears when an update has a new engine added.

    Sven could probably answer these much better than me though :)
  • Regardng the 3 - I did not saw that - have to try it with the nearest update. But regarding first 2 - it's not about using those exact urls to link to them, but a group of urls to create a new links - engines that have to be passed as a root domain. It can be done by export to a file and import but it's a longer method. Also I want to remove them across those tiers manually - not when the verification fails - so it would be good to set it from a one - parent project - and those root urls will be removed from all the child tiers. It's important thing - those child tiers are from different projects. So we have a one parent set of engines and urls to post to. Every time I want to create a new child from it for various projects I want it to have the same set of settings. So the parent project is rather like some kind of definition - not connected with any other project's tier.
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    To say thing short - it's an option as it's in case of 4 url sources we have now - failed, verified, successfull and identified, but for a custom "parent" project, where we can add and remove url sources and it will effect all future projects but also current- so such additional remove option (like in tiers) but on domain level would be necessary.
  • So what is your opinion - I tried once again to do it with typical tier project but it's impossible, there are many occurences where we want to manually remove a domain from posting in the future - it could be an option of a new custom global list - very simple and easy - just as we have now - failed, verified, successfull and identified. Even better when gsa would be able to remove existing links from that domain from various tiers - doing it manually is also a pain.
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