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Bad Hosting/IP Causing Ranking Problems?

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I have more clients than my own sites, but when I get a new client I usually rank them pretty fast. However, one of my own sites is in the same niche, virtually the same keywords but easier than an ex-client from 6 months ago. I built the site, it doesn't look THAT great but the goal is to rank it for the keywords make some money then invest in better design (as I can't build pretty sites).

However, as I have my personal sites on the same hosting and have had sites on there that have gained a penalty before (from some testing) it seems that they struggle to rank. Most of the keywords are between position 30-50 whereas on my client's site (same WordPress, but mine has better on-page/layout/structure) it's top ten. The only other difference are a few links from a well-known site in the UK but even then that can't be the reason. This is 2.5 months of link-building on the site and it's no where.

I'm gonna move hosting and see if that's the problem, but is there a way of seeing if an IP/hosting company is bad or not in Google's eyes? I have tested it on various checkers and the IP comes back clean. It will be a shame to move from them as they are awesome, affordable, support is great (and based in the UK).


  • @judderman - " few links from a well-known site in the UK" could obviously be the reason. Before moving the site export all your verified urls for that project and add them to indexer manually and wait for 2 - 3 days.
  • Cheers you reckon a couple of links from the same, albeit large, site is the key - if there were more from different (big) sites then maybe but one...I dunno? I'll throw some PBN links at the site and see if that helps.
  • Hi @judderman - I  also fall into the "can't build pretty sites" category, so you're not alone. lol

    Strange that you're having trouble with this one site though, and personally I've never had any problems with sites on the same IP/shared hosting package.

    However, and I know it probably doesn't help much, I have seen before that (for no good reason) some sites just wont rank, no matter how you try to promote them.

  • Cheers @2Take2 I'm gonna throw that domain onto a new hosting account and if it ranks then I'll shift other sites over. That's the only real way I can see how I can decipher if it is the hosting or not. I might even take the plunge and host them on one of my dedis...but that will cause it's own problems I'm sure.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    Sure, I guess you've got nothing to lose by moving them.

    I don't use it personally (although I probably will at some point), but I know a lot of the guys use reseller hosting to get around the same IP problem. There will obviously still be a nameserver footprint, but maybe it's something that might be worth you looking into, if you haven't already?
  • Yeah I thought of that, but I reckon big G can't slap who company's nameservers but the IP is different as it's more of a unique identifier of the server itself...As you mentioned though. if reseller hosting 'works' then it is something that's worth trying. I could do with another account anyway to split testing domains and personal domains, which I'm 81.5% sure is the problem here.
  • KaineKaine
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    If you are right it means that the site is now flagged. To see if the address change going to help. Maybe move and change content too ...

    Act as if it was sold, no enter with your IP.

    Good luck
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