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Email Scraping Challenge - Details Inside

Hello guys, We're looking for individuals who excel in email scraping. The Challenge: Scrape as many email addresses as possible ending in these domains within 24 hours (NB - they're all UK email providers) -Use footprints like, obviously -Use namelists as the keywords (John, Josh), etc -Send over every email address collected within this time period (if we choose your submission we will pay you $30), but what matters most to us is the number you manage to collect that are in the list above. The Rules: -We need to know how many you can get strictly within a 24 hour period - not more, and not less. This is so we can get a good idea of how many we could get moving forwards. -You must use only GScraper - please confirm thread number used in your response. -When responding to this challenge, please insert the following line of text: "I will only use GScraper for this challenge". What's in it for You? -We'll pick the top five/six submissions (paying you $30 if we choose your submission) and one winner overall. -The winner of this 'challenge' will earn themselves long term work with us performing email-scraping on a regular basis (payment to be discussed once we've chosen a winner) If you have any questions about this challenge, feel free to leave a comment. Best of luck! R_R


  • Format is bugging out for me. Apologies for wall of text, will try to fix this ASAP.
  • SvenSven

    What a rip off. You really think someone will participate into this?

    Why would someone want to send you millions of emails just to let you sell them for way more than that 30 USD. Sure not!

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