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Display captcha on a webpage

edited March 2014 in Feature Requests
Since CaptchaBreaker can emulate a webserver it would be great to have an option where captcha breaker emulates a webpage with a simple captcha form. This way a user can hire people to do the captcha entry themselves. The process should work like this: CB gets Captcha -> emulates webpage with captcha form -> captcha response from form -> response to app that sent the captcha to cb. The url for captcha entry should be always the same, you could use the form fields to assign an id for tracking or something similar. Like the option to send a captcha to 3rd party services, a user should be able to determine which captchas should be sent to the manual entry system. And it would be great if that worked multithreaded, can you do that?


  • SvenSven
    you have an option to use "Manual Input" as captcha service in Captcha Breaker. It will query you to enter the captcha. However I see what you are planning to do. Using CB to build your own captcha service. It not really a good idea in my eyes and if you want such a thing, feel free to code some interface interacting with CB.
  • I'd never do something like this as I doubt it would be profitable but okay I'll create the bridge I need myself.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @SeeSharp you think you can get better prices doing it yourself than the plethora of manual captcha solving services?

    DBC is at like $1.40 per 1000 captchas, less than 1 penny each.
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