Which dedicated servers providers are you using?

Hi guys, I am about to switch to a Dedis and i wonder which providers you are with? I was looking at Datashack and i think they ahve some nice price, but i heard they also come up with DDOS BS. Is there any particular dedis that can save you all these hassle? if the price is not to concern.


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    Snelservers are meant to be good and no bs from them but expensive.

    I've used Volumedrive and Datashack, both are good but both have DDOS attacks as you mentioned. Both are slow to set up (circa 7 days). 
  • @judderman, thanks for your reply man. are you still using datashack? if yes, how do you deal with their DDOS issue? i check Hostwind out and they also have some good server with a little bit expensive price, not sure if they are good though.
  • Yes I have two from Datashack but no DDOS attacks yet. I had them with Volumedrive but only 2-3 times and they didn't cancel my account. Apparantly Datashack shut you down...Datashack are much faster, though, so I thought it was worth the risk. I backup my settings/projects daily though, just in case.
  • @judderman, since the server in datashack is like 10x better than my VPS and cheaper, i think i should give it a try. Thanks man :) i will keep you posted.
  • i get it straight from the datacenters.I actually spend about 40% of typical server rates.Ofcourse this is possible only on volume
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    I am with bulletproofvps for 4 months now and I'm doing pretty much everything but never got down. I am with their turbo charged vps plans

    Edit: This user was banned as he did self promotion for his VPS service. Should tell enough about that crap VPS.

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