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Do you improve your engines ?

i was wondering if do you rely on gsa ser updates or do you improve the engines yourself ?


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    I think most people just rely on the updates because Importing AA lists seems to be the easiest way.

    I wish there was a way to update the engines instead of manually doing it with SER Footprint Editor.

    Seeing as I scrape random footprints with Scrapebox and just import the URL's to GSA. Seems like an extra step and program I shouldn't have to need. It does save money buying lists that are spammed to death in a month anyways.
  • I've improved a few engines myself so far, but I'll only do it if I spot an engine performing poorly which I think can do better. I'm talking about changing the registration, login, steps, etc. and not just the search terms. I'm pretty sure that it's only a minority of users who improve engines themselves.

    Do you wish to know anything in particular since you're asking?

    @silverdot, what do you mean when you say you want a way of updating the engines instead of manually doing it? I guess you're talking about re-importing your footprints once Sven pushes an improvement for an engine. If this is the case, I'd just make a quick AutoIT script to automatically update the search terms upon execution. Alternatively you can share your improved search terms with Sven and it saves you the hassle.
  • @fakenickahl

    What I mean was when I find footprints they normally aren't sorted out by platform. Just engine type. (Articles, Blog Comments, Web2.0 etc) I have to manually go through a sort out the platforms and add them to GSA via SER Footprint Editor.


    Just run all the footprints with my keywords in Scrapebox and import the target URLs that way. Having to run 2 programs instead of just one at the same time. I mean GSA has a scraper built in the Global Options > tools section, but doesn't have all the cool addons that Scrapebox has.

    No big deal, just takes longer. I'm not afraid to put in the work.
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