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Anchor Text Ratios

Hi folks, I have a question about anchor text ratios. All "gurus" here say the best ratio for main keyword is 3-5%, all others - 95%-97%. It's clear for me if I want to promote my site using only one main keyword. But what about the ratio if I want to promote this site using many, many "main keywords"? I mean: every time if I use "all others" with 95-97% , the CUMULATIVE sum of every "main keyword" for this site will have not 3-5% but much less and will decrease in arithmetical progression because the CUMULATIVE sum of every "others" will increase in arithmetical progression. For example: THE SAME SITE: project 1: main keyword1 - 3% project 2: main keyword2 - 3% project 3: main keyword2 - 3% After 3 projects every main keyword will have only 1% for this site because "all others" CUMULATIVE triple and they all belong to the same site. I think for only 3 "main keywords" I can increase "main keyword" anchor to 10%. But how to calculate the ratio for many (not known for a moment big amount) of "main keywords")? Thanks.


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