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I dont want naked URL backlinks, but they are being made for some reason


im doing churn and burn therefore i dont want or need naked url backlinks

gsa keeps making them though. i dont have naked url checked and its not in the anchor text box so what is happening here? thanks

is there an engine that only makes naked url backlinks or something?


  • of course, there are a lot of engines like that.
  • select project > edit > right mouse click in the area were it list all engines and choose "Uncheck engines that use no anchor"

    this should give you what your looking for.
  • @whudafxupp, why do you not want the naked URL links? Links are links and naked or not they help and bring traffic to your site - you don't make them manually :P ?
  • @XXXX cant tell if joking or not. if you are, lol, if you arent, lol
  • edited March 2014
    @whudafxupp, no, it's not a joke. I really ask you - why?
  • Naked links plan an important role in seo.It increase your url athority why you don't want.
  • @XXX because when youre churning and burning you dont need naked url links, just your anchors.

    @King789 its a waste. i dont want naked url backlinks because i am churn and burning
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