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How Can I get free verified backlinks?

I have 20K verified back links. I think this is works for tier 2. Anyone have a huge list of verified back links? Or Do you know a some tricks for collecting verified links?


  • We all have verified lists. But why would anyone share them?
  • kasun0777kasun0777 Panadura, Sri Lanka
    How to collect quickly?
  • I have a great secret trick, but promise me to never tell anyone else.

    Scraping. If you want to get backlinks quickly, you should scrape quicker.
  • goonergooner
    @kasun0777 - You can find lists to download from popular forums or buy cheap ones from places like Fiverr.
    The quality of them is questionable though.
  • gsa ser already builds links
    you have to put a huge list of keywords with some good proxies
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