Negative SEO

Hi guys,

How do deal with negative seo?

Do using google disavow file wroth the time it require?

Bing disavow tool allow only single url to added a time, so it will take so many hours to update them, at the end, do it really provide a result?

What other tools help dealing negative seo?

Any input will be appropriate.

PS: Apology for bad English.


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    Hey, waht's going on?

    I know GSA has a disavow tool in the advanced menu (Settings>>Advanced>>Tools>>last on pull-down menu)

    I've looked at that menu entry many times now and didn't click until just now. lol Surprised to find it's looking for a file, was expecting another module 

    Maybe for bulk disavow? Anyone know?

    I've never used the disavow on GSA or anywhere. Maybe this is a bad choice. I do not know. :|

    I'd also like to know what more experienced board members think. I know I've asked before, but I still don't know, either way. Anyone have any definitive positive results to share?

    I felt like the Disavow Links was a way of bringing negative attention to your activities  by the SE you submit the disavow report to.  I could very well be wrong.

    Like @humancoder, I'd also like a little info on services that can assist with this process.
  • GSA > Advanced>>Tools disavow file let you upload your disavow file. But its not clear what it will do. sven may clear the confusion..
  • Waiting around for expert.
  • It’s really good to know GSA ppl does not experience negative seo.

  • GSA being run as negative SEO alone has no impact.
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