Free Software - Project Manager for GSA SER (easily duplicate projects and much more...)

Introducing Project Manager for GSA Search Engine Ranker

Hello everyone, this is Eric, from also known as coneh34d on the GSA Search Engine ranker forums. I am the Software Architect responsible for bringing you Project Manager for GSA Search Engine Ranker. I would also like to introduce you to Ron, known as krushinem on the forums. Ron is the lead Project Manager for all software currently in development. Please hit either of us up via PM or submit a support ticket on our website to get your questions answered.

We created Project Manager for GSA Search Engine Ranker for our own use in multi-server environments to centralize and automate day to day tasks. Project Manager for GSA Search Engine Ranker has many features that we hope you will find useful. Please take a look at the following introduction video to become more familiar with the basics:

For those of you that do not have time right now to dig into the video, here's a quick list of its core features:

Project Duplicator
  • You can duplicate projects as many times as you want using project template files that contain your personal tweaks and settings
  • In the duplication process you have the ability to set the GSA SER group name and also the Verified URLs of Another Project. This makes it easy to organize your projects and to create multi-tiered projects with ease
Scripting Interface
  • Project Manager uses GNU UNIX tools for Windows on the back end as a scripting interface. This is the most powerful and fastest text file manipluation tool available. With the scripting interface you can create custom scripts to meet an endless set of needs. Some examples include creating scripts to:
    • With a single command, quickly apply an unlimited set of multiple options to one or more project files by project mask such as:
      • skip ext links on=1
      • skip ext links=50
      • skip pr on=1
      • skip pr=3
    • Feed new target URLs to all of your projects across multiple GSA servers automatically from a central console
    • Pull down your verified URLs for reporting purposes
    • and much more...
FTP Functions
  • One of the better ways to manage multiple GSA SER servers is via FTP. This is why we have built Project Manager with its own FTP functionality as part of the core feature set.
  • The FTP interface allows you to control your GSA SER servers from a centralized console which is a huge time saver.
  • FTP download can pull down all of the files in your project directory, and with the scripting interface you can automate your workflow
  • FTP upload allows you to quickly place those modifiedfiles back into production on your GSA SER servers. There are endless possibilities here, since the scripting interface allows scripted, automated, rapid manipulation of these files.
Remote GSA SER Control
  • We have also added the ability for remote start and stop of GSA SER
To stay current with the tool and to learn more about what it can do, check out our YouTube channel and visit our website

Thank you,
Eric and Ron
coneh34d and krushinem



  • Well not gonna lie.  This looks amazing and would deff be something that would help me out since i have around 20 Servers that I run GSA on.    So far the tool looks a lil complicated but I can't wait for the other videos to see it more in depth. :)
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    it truly isn't difficult to use at all-if you need any help just ask here-I will have some vids posted within the hour.  thanks for trying out the tool
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    Based on user feedback we will release a version in the next few days that allows you to simply set the number of project duplications, rather than forcing you to use a list of emails to set that number.
    The program was initally designed for a client that asked to duplicate projects based on a list of emails. These emails for this client are all created with the same password that the client uses in their template files. This gets around the fact that SER hashes the password in your SER project files. Since we do not have the GSA SER hash algorithim, we get around this by creating email accounts that all have the same password as those in your template file.

    Now, in the next version, I will make it so that  you can choose either way. You will then also be able to simply set a number of duplications and be done with it. 

    I may get this coded tonight. It will be coming to you in a very short time.


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    Hi everyone here is an additional video that goes into more detail.  More functions are discussed that will assist in the automation of ser tasks in your daily routines. 

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    Project Manager for GSA Search Engine Ranker Official UPDATE

    I have updated the Project Manager to allow you to duplicate up to 500 projects at a time based on your template using a simple drop down box. The advanced function of using emails to duplicate projects is also still available for those of you that find it useful.

    Here's a screenshot:


  • Arrghh, I could have done with this a month ago. Sounds great guys :)
  • JudderMan This is just the beginning. We will be releasing many more tools going forward. If you have any needs, just let us know. 
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    If you had the opportunity to review the video by krushinem you can begin to see how Project Manager can assit you in make automated changes. These changes can be made to all GSA Search Engine Ranker files in your project directory. The scripting interface is quite extensible and to a new user of the program, the learning curve is not as simple as I would like.

    Considering this, I will release a default set of very useful scripts that come out of the box so that you can leverage this powerful aspect of the tool firsthand, and without tons of upfront work. If you have something that you wish to automate, just let us know.

    We will shortly launch a script repository that can be shared between all Project Manager users to leverage the power of this community and all its creativity. 

    Also of note is that the tool is still very young so I will be making changes to improve its ease of use, and design the interface with wizards and with the focus of being more task oriented as opposed to function oriented.

    Thank you,
  • This video will show you a simple solution for search and replace in .prj files.  I mentioned the wrong users name in the video.  Sorry in advance. 

    the download is here
  • so whats the catch ?
    i mean why is it free?
  • No catch. This is my way (and Ron's) of saying thank you to the community.

    And there will be some updates coming soon. 

    You will soon be able to take a list of campaign names, a list of URLs, and a list of emails and Poject Manager will make campaigns using that information with the settings from an assigned template.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    this is great since this is new to me i have got a 1question.

    I want to duplicate tierd projects dont know weather its possible.I really want to duplicate template which means after duplicate there should not be previous data (articles / anchotexts ) etc ..Is that possible to do.Even i import from KM still i will have to remove old date...Even duplicate..Any sugessions ?
  • nawshale You can duplicate tiered projects no problem. What you should do is create a project template with generic entries in the articles, anchor text, and other fields. This way, after duplication, you can use KM or any other favorite tool to fill those entries in.
  • Looks good! Might have a few questions for you soon so will keep you posted :)
  • hungryim PM me if you need anything. 
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    fsutil.exe and "Find String" (QGREP) crash if I start your tool. should I just ignore this or is this something to worry about?
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    does not work for me.
  • gsaprick45 Check your PM for my Skype info.
  • This is a smoking hot tool.  Thank you!
  • Glad you like it!
  • @coneh34d Great tool. But can you make it don't clean values of fields on project duplicate? Also how about those warning on email load? It says I need same pass for email but in final file I see correct pass from my email list. Thank you for great tool
  • @coneh34d one more problem: in GSA projects adds not in group but in global list
  • sergeda This is a pretty old tool. I will update it soon. Please keep checking this thread or PM me.
  • I would like to see an updated tool. I lose so much time on GSA create projects, setting emails and etc.
  • sing99sing99 Los Angeles
    Hi Eric,

    Will the update provide a way of deleting emails and creating news ones also?

    edit> E-Mail verification> delete> all> Create New> [predetermined email provider]> predetermined number of accounts> ok> ok 

    I asked for a macro enhancement to GSA at:

    I will moniter this thread for the updated tool.  Thanks M8

  • For everyone interested in me creating another free tool. Please list the features that you would be interested in so that I can create what it is you desire. This tool will have to be relatively simple and it will be sufficient for use in a small GSA SER environment. 
  • Trying to duplicate projects with miserable results.
    Cannot figure it out. Any step by step video on duplication?
  • Thanks Eric, your team is really good. Thanks I will give this a whirl though I am a little intimidated, but I was also by GSA SER at one point! 
  • Is this still exist?  the site went down
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    edited January 2015
    Eric is gone for a while. I expect him to start posting when he gets back.
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