megaocr is propably modded xrumer to solving captcha

michamicha Uk
edited November 2013 in Other GSA Software Products
I have license for xrumer, which is breaking few thousand captchas, recaptcha too - but with low rate.
Creator of xrumer wrote on forum, that you can't use xrumer only to solving captcha.

I think that megaocr service is modded xrumer - only to solve captchas.

Because some captchas xrumer solves as "toobadX" - where X is number from 1 to 999
It is propably xrumer bug,

Interesting part it is that, when I checked my megaocr log - I see same "toobadX" reponds.

See for yourself - add megaocr to captchabreaker - and see, that for some captchas, megaocr give emssages like "toobad2", or "toobad6".

I think that megaocr creator had this idea:

1) buy xrumer license for 650 usd
2) mod it, to solves only captcha
3) buy some good server for 100 usd, that handle min. 500 xrumer threads
4) sell packages "5 threads" for 20 usd.
5) 100 packages and 5 threads = 2k usd per month profit !

I can't do screenshots right now, but check your megaocr log in gsa captcha breaker and see this "toobads".

At drupal forums they have problems with xrumer and "toobad" ;-)

from other topic:
"There are so many of these (1,000+), [user answered "TooBadNNN"] almost want to insta-ban any reply with “toobad”"

TL;DR: I think, that megaocr using xrumer to sell their captcha service.


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