[CSX] Unfair Captchas

thought thats funny, and wanted to share image


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    So, did you manually solve it instead?
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    s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    lol was that a joke ^^

    Is that captcha even solvable? I sure wouldn't know the answer.
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    in my home forum i posted it as well and did became as answer

    4,3,2,9. Teach your bot Mandarin heh

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    Ive got an even better one ... and this is an actual screenshot sent in by a customer :)

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    I remember I got a recaptcha some time ago with "Judenfrei", which is highly anti-semetic and not worth to translate it. 
    But if I'm not wrong than recaptchas are (were?) used to help google to define words with scanned books. Maybe I helped to publish something like "Mein Kampf" or something like that, lol.
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    I just got also full chinese characters  (or japanese?) captcha today...  what the heck lol
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