Question about new forum format

Where did the category list go that was on the right hand side of the forum before. Oh...there it's on the left now! Soooorry!

Just kidding!

Real question though...With the new format, it only shows the number of "new" comments on threads that I have actually viewed before. Threads that I have never viewed don't show anything. This is now how it used to be is it? I think it used to show the total number of comments on that thread as the number of "new" comments as well.

This was helpful to have a quick view of threads that I had and had not looked at. Now it is more difficult. I have to carefully look at each one and try to remember if I had looked at it before or not.


  • Oh...maybe I figured it out. Looks like the threads that I have not viewed (ever) or the ones with new comments are shown with white background and the ones I have viewed that don't have new comments are shown in gray. Is this correct?
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