mention your favorite web browser?

recently I had a bit of issues with plug ins of the firefox. it crashed my proxy plug ins and few more. i panicked and re installed everything.

what is the most troubleless and easy to use web browser? Mention your favorite web browser


  • fredjohn5fredjohn5 London, UK
    My browser ran into the same issue recently. It was the first week of May. It happens rarely. Happened few years back also. They sent an update asap though. Quicker than the previous crash. My vote is still for mozilla.
  • AsbestosstarAsbestosstar Orange CA
    I use a custom not yet released version of firefox with tons of security. Usability is not that great though
  • solarinvadersolarinvader Los Angeles
    I use Chromium. light. Haven't got any problems ever since.
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