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Hello, I want to ask you what opinion you are about buying subscribers from YouTube? I was browsing in different forums and recommended me the most different sites, this site is one of them //removed by admin//, but I'm a bit skeptical, I do not know if the subscribers are real or are bots. I will be very grateful for your advice and recommendations!


  • Everything you can buy on SMM Panels is automated. Sometimes it is done with obviously artificial accounts, sometimes it is automated (i.e. botted) using the accounts of real people. There is a wide spectrum in between. Only way is to test and see where on the spectrum a given service falls.

    But can you tell me how this is linked to GSA? 
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    Personally, I think that buying likes is not so bad. It helped me make my channel more popular and increased its visibility for users. I know a good service - so you can use it, but don`t buy a big amount cos it can decrease the indicators of your activity.
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