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Hi there,

I'm new to scrapping, so, sorry for the questions.

I see almost everyone here is using a VPS to run GSA WC. Why is that? Is it only for efficiency purpose? I thought using a PC...

If I have to take a VPS, I suppose it has to run with Windows, right? I don't have any experience with Windows :( I'm a Linux user  :p

Any VPS providers you could share?

Regarding the proxies, I thought to get a dedicated proxy with 10 different IPs. Is that make sense? Or is it better to get 10 proxies with one IP? I'm very new with proxies...

Thanks a lot guys!


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    use vps for 24 working and good internet connection and i suggest contabo for cheap (very cheap) or solidseo for speed and efficacy , 

    proxies use 10 from (dedicated)

    and either let gsa ser scrape for it self of buy few mil link lists or buy gsa ser psr engines to make high quality backlinks within minutes here

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    You can use a home pc, many people do.  I use servers because I have more then a dozen servers and I don't want to manage those machines at home and it doesn't make sense.  Im just buying data centers people time and renting the machine/bandwidth basically is all your doing. 

    So I would always recommend if your unsure, just start on your home pc, so long as you use proxies, there is nothing to lose.  As soon as you find its not enough, move to a vps or if it is enough, then don't move. 

    Yes it needs to be windows, all GSA products are windows only (to my knowledge), but definitely website contact.  

    Solid SEO is who I use for servers, all my servers for seo tools are with them. 

    I also use buyproxies, but I use their shared proxies an they work fine for me. I have hundreds of them.  Just make sure you tell them what your using it for so they can match you with people not doing the same thing.  If your scraping google, thats a key thing to tell them.   But dedicated are fine too. 

    Yo ucan't have 10 proxies with 1 ip, unless your talking about back connect/reverse/rotating proxies, but I would not reccommend those for website contact, you want dedicated or semi deciated/shared proxies for the posting part. 

    You could also use public proxies for scraping, if you want.  bing is pretty lenient in this area.
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  • Thanks a lot!
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