Lists for GSA? should i add any list to run GSA or dont?

Hi, I am new to GSA. Please clarify few doubts below,
- Should i upload/buy some lists to upload GSA to run for my projects? or GSA itself enough to run?
  - If I buy, how long to use the list?
  - Is there any way to scrape links from scrapebox? to upload on GSA?
- Had run for two projects. Seems the two lists are posted on same site. How do i keep unique list on this?

Please advice me to use the GSA effectively.


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    Hi AmSaraj! :)

    I am slightly less new to GSA, so I will do my best to answer what I can. Hopefully, some of the GSA vets can fill in any areas missing detail. :p

    1. You can buy lists. I did once on a gig site when I first started. I'm sure the real lists you can get on here from users like LoopLine and others are waaay better than some trashed five dollar list.  And REAL lists are omn a dropbox folder on your VPS, so u are always having fresh links!

    Maybe a listowner can jump in? Motivate me to try again as well?? ;)

    2. You don't NEED lists. SER is sufficient unto itself; with that said, there are ways to be more efficient. According to the sources on this board, scraping using GSA-SER is not the best idea.  (SB is a scraper, first and foremost, so it seems to excel at that task, ppl say)

    3. ScrapeBox integration IS possible!  You can just scrape lists and import by hand OR have it all integrated so that SB is feeding GSA links to target in rreal-time via SER's feature of checking a folder periodically.

    *I am finding SER to be very cool. If not for holdups IRL, I'd be further along. In any case, hope this helps!
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