GSA SER Running on Only 1 Thread, Need Help!

Hello there,
My GSA SER Running on Only 1 Thread, I am using 20 Private Proxies (buy from Buyproxies) and I set 150 threads against 20 proxies, and currently running 5 projects. Please Check attached Image and guide me how I improve the number of threads.


gsa.png 90.5K


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    It looks like you have SER's auto-stability function on.

    You have SER set to decrease threads on memory usage over 300MB and the program indicates it's already at 317MB, in the red.

    Don't know if this is all, but increase the memory  limit and see what's up. :)
  • manojsharmamanojsharma India
    Accepted Answer
    Great! Now my GSA ser is working fine. Thanks
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