When You Have An Idea, Record It RIGHT THEN!

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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Good day, GSa pplz!~ It's been slow on here all week. I know the weather in South America is always nice, in the USA it's summer, and in Europe, also good weather.  So I'm guessing everyone is busy doing more outdoorsey kind of stuff. :)

Anyway, a computer dude who was older than me that I had befriended  taught me to always carry a small notepad.

And to use your phone as a secretary.

When u have an idea, u may not remember it later. Or, you may not remember it in detail. So write it down as soon as you think it. :)

This can help with every aspect of working with SER and doing SEO in general, as well as programming, server management, and even business strategy.


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