How would you index 2.7 kk pages?

Well, I need 2.8 kk pages of google docs to be indexed. Is it possible?
I tried to make pages on my domains with 8-10 k links on google docs and spam them, add them in google webmaster toold with sitemap.xml - worked a little, but not completely.
Also I tried to make page with all links ans then fetch as google bot and render in GWT. Same situation, maybe 0.5% was indexed.
I have only GSA SER and Indexer


  • Build contextual links using GSA SER - make sure that your contextual list is good.
    Then run the Indexer on comprehensive most - make sure it hits all the sites under comprehensive mode.
    Then you can also add 1 more item - instant link indexing service - these can get a page with good content indexed within 4-24 hours time provided if it is quality.
    If you've done these all, and still not indexed, then there's something wrong with your pages then.
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