What GSA Product Should I Buy Next????

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Good day, pplz! :)

I've been saving and I want to get another GSA program.

There are more than a few that are useful.

I know no one out there can really answer me, b/c anyone who cares enough to answer will just ask me what I need to focus on next.  :p

I guess I should start with this: I have licenses for GSA SEO Indexer, GSA-CB,  and GSA-SER and monthly renew SEREngines. I also have a SB license, which I don't use so extensively. (I use SER to scrape; I know; I know; ppl say it's inefficient, but it's been FINE!)

Soooo...which program?  :/ :/ :/

Hmm....I know GSA Content Generator is good.  But is it really the next step I need to take RIGHT NOW? Hmm...

Maybe GSA Website Contact would be more essential at this point? 

Does email contact work?

I have oodles of considerations for uses for this, but I just have no experience in this domain and wonder if ppl ever actually read the emails. lol Maybe someone with experience can give a few clarifications??  Thanks!


  • I think GSA PR Emulator would be handy - the latest update has the feature to integrate a 3rd party tool, which allow you to now check those hard to check metrics like TF, which I think is invaluable when scanning for expired domains/web2.0.

    Content Generator is also good, but I find the scraping time to be a little too long to be comfortable.

    Auto Website Submitter can be good as well - it submits to a ton of web directories - can perhaps resell this service also.
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