Captcha Sniper and GSA SER

Hi guys! Please help me to fix my problem with settings Captcha Sniper and GSA. When i send captcha to CS, i get reply "No Answer".
Help pls. What do i do wrong? 


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited May 2018
    Hey friend, I have a license of that program, also!

    The type of CAPTCHA you inclluded is only successul at 2% of instances. No?

    It just means the program can't recognize the characters.

    When u test in SER in the right panel: Options>>Captcha, what happens?

    (Single click over the CS entry and the Test button appears at right!!)

    I wanted to open mine to check, but apparently my CS has stopped working entirely. :|
  • dude just buy gsa cb . why wasting time in captcha sniper
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "wasting time in captcha sniper " @Mashafeeqi

    Captcha Sniper didn't work that well on my machine. It crashed over and over again. Now it appears dead.  I even tried getting updated .dll's but it didn't help at all.  :(

    I run GSA Captcha Breaker at this point. Waaaaaaaay more what I was looking for. :)

    GSA-CB has been running for months and hasn't crashed. :o

    It does cost more initially, but you may end up having to upgrade anyway if your system isn't just right for CS. I've come to realize that in many instances, you get what you pay for.

    Destroyed old proxies sold as new...Yerhoo emails that NEVER existed...backlinks never name it...sometimes it's worth it to spend a little more.

  • I think you should probably migrate to CB instead - CS has so many issues, that I find it to be an unfinished product.

    How to use CB effectively- default setting, but redirect those hard to solve captchas to other paid services, that was - you get partial solve by CB and solving those hard to solve captchas by paid services.

    Also, do you know that you can run CB as a captcha solving server? That means if you have multiple tools, you can redirect their captcha solving to your CB server, so 1 license can solve captcha for multiple instances of your software.
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