Breaking Through to the Next Level

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Greetings,  fellow GSA enthusiasts. :) 

I want to address the subject in the title in this brief post.

It's all about steady progression. But there certainly can be, looking back, sorts of "levels."

How do we jump to the next level, what we wish to accomplish, at a level of focus that is beyond intense?

A new level that surely includes new tasks, new ideas, old ideas finally realized.

This is my goal, rather than plodding along at a horizontal trajectory. Sure; there are times we're locked at a "level" b/c we're working on a new project or improving existing stuff for a time, but I mean...

Don't stay at a level beyond its time.  I'm only really just alluding to what I mean.

To state it more plainly, the pace has to stay high and goals must progress else stagnation sets in, in so many ways. There's always more to learn; always GSA projects to refine; always sites to make and re-do, and all that is entailed in that. And, that's just the beginning. There are tools and utilities to make that suit personal use, new income streams to set up, new grand projects to undertake. :) :) :)

I mean working toward a Big Picture. If you get what I mean, PM me and let me know! ;)

I see my To-Do lists and I know I can be WAY more efficient. What keys do I need to do this today? This is what I now ask myself. I know it's party (mainly?) disorganization, so I'm re-organizing, STILL. How about you, friend?


  • Tim89Tim89
    1. organisation
    2. communication
    3. scaling
    4. delegating
    5. persistence
    6. contacts (it's not what you know but who you know!)

    fundamental points when transitioning from a small start up to the "next level". I personally found delegating quite difficult as at first I wanted to know when, where and how but this was impossible to manage as you can't split yourself into quarters and even if you do multi-task well, you will burn out and then what?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    @Tim89--Thank you, kindly, for your consideration of my question.

    Your answer has me thinking and thinking. Def on-point! :)

    Now--the goal is to bring each of the six categories up to highest standards.

    you can't split yourself into quarters"

    I can still try. lol I do see what you mean. It's easy to just work and work all day and all nite and still feel like I'm not advancing fast enough.
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