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I would really appreciate it if somebody could help me. I am a total GSA noob. I have a list of about 500 high DA urls of pages that I have been manually posting links on. These are on an assortment of platforms, primarily forums and a few blogs. I bought GSA hoping to automate the task of manually creating these links. 

How would I go about doing this ?
I have read several guides and posts about importing urls but I think I'm doing something wrong. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    Hey Asher.......

    Out of the box, there are tons of platforms GSA can post to.

    If the platform on your list isn't included, there are also add-ons like SEREngines, as well as a few other engines put out by others.

    You can also write a script for a new platform. It really isn't that difficult and just takes a little time and patience.

    You can also  import your list into GSA, and the program will run through the list and see which URLs are postable using the built-in engines.

    Anything left over, you can add on your own by making a new engine. Maybe working in teams would make it less time consuming?

    Or, create a PHP script to extract the key data from the form page you will need to concern yourself with and just have the output fed right into a generated .ini (engine) file?

    To back up a sec: The platform refers to the software a system is running to display and store and retrieve messages, do whatever it does. Some sites are custom written but the majority are straight and modded versions of a few popular ones, like WordPress and actually, tons and tons of others.

    Once you identify the platform for your high-DA sites, you have more knowledge of what's what.

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