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Would anyone happen to have a download link for gsa ser version 12.59 please? For me it seems to be the latest stable version that was running really nicely. Thanks in advance.


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    I notice that the present version is slower on my machine.  I don't think it's my imagination, as it's happening steadily. I'm sure the GSA team is on it ifit's anything...

    Meanwhile, how DO you restore to an older version? Is it just the core .exe file you have to swap out? There are a lot more new files in each update than this,but some are engines, etc. Anyone have a clue?????

    I may want to experiment with this as well.
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    I have GSA-SER VER 12.61, 12.60 , 12.59 , 12.58.

    Only .exe file, not full file profile for 12.60 & 12.58.
  • For me 12.30 and 12.58 worked flawlessly.. The latest version is working weird so had to revert it back
  • I normally do a full uninstall and then fresh install with the relevant .exe file. Make sure to back up projects first though...just in case.

    Any chance you guys could share that .exe file for 12.58 or 12.59? They both worked really good for me too.
  • I managed to find an older version from october of last year, so I'm all good now.

    I tested version 12.54 which ran extremely fast but had a really high read/write speed so my hard disk was always at 100%.

    Version 12.19 is what I'm sticking with for now as cpu usage, memory usage and hard disk usage are all extremely low. Plus it runs like a beast! lol
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    Wow...Versions that old?  :o I actually have a few older ones as well...have to check and see!

    Just to be totally clear: I cannot simply rename the .exe file and run SER, can I?!

    When SER updates, it's not a zip, is it? I'm confused; do I have to uninstall SER and then re-install it?

    Is that file that's the last GSA release (the one that's changed to _OLD) a file that just can be placed where the current .exe is, AND that same file will install necessary files, if they're missing? I'm thoroughly confused. lol :p

    Sorry, pplz.!.!

    "The latest version is working weird so had to revert it back " -AsimNawaz

    Why is it hard to revert back????
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    Also have 12.4.2 and 12.4.3...don't think I have that one, 12.19.

    Want to trade? :)

    Of course, I'm very concerned about uninstalling SER!! :o

    What happens to all the .dat files I've changed? Do I have to check which I've altered and then replace with those from my backup?

    I'm a bit scared....honestly... :o lol Probly w/good reason. Messing up with this would be not-good.

  • @Deeeeeeee
    To move back to previous version. You just have to close gsa and replace the exe file named search engine ranker in the ser folder and then run it. no need in unistall
  • Nothing will be changed
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    @Deeeeeeee we are talking about 2 different things here lol

    1. rolling back to previous version does not require an uninstall. Ser will keep current version and last version in the same folder. You just click on the version you want to run.

    2. I was referring to the exe file that you download from the gsa ser website. This is an installation program that will overwrite previous files and data if they are different. For this I do an uninstall first and then reinstall. Not necessary though as it will download and overwrite files that are different anyway.

    If you want to play with the older version 12.19 here is a link to download it from my dropbox:

    Just make sure you back up projects. Any custom files you have changed should definitely be backed up first as well as engine files that you know work well, as these may be overwritten during installation.

    I would still like to get my hands on 12.59 as that has all the latest updates and was running beautifully on my computer.
  • @AsimNawaz any chance you could share a download link for 12.58?
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     here you go
    its 12.58
    I have uploaded in on a free file sharing site. Link is above
    Just close gsa and replace the file here 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\GSA Search Engine Ranker
    and start gsa ser again,. Its done
  • @AsimNawaz

    You are a star!  Thank you!

    Running it now and its working real nice.
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    @sickseo: Dunno if u still need .59 as u have .58 but here's a link::

    Thanks much for the clarification. I get it now.

    I'll backup everything, but if I run the .59 .exe, nothing really will be overwritten, at all, no?

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    This is all so very cool and opens up unending testing possibilities! lol I thought each version seemed different, but attributed it to link-building conditions.

    @sickseo:  For the 12.19 version, what you provided is the total install, NOT the .exe file I can easily swap out? Or is it just the same swappable file I can easily roll back to?

    I can then do the unpacking/installing on another machine to get the file, no? This would be at no risk to my present set-up. Just trying to be sure on this critical issue.

    I rolled back to 12.59!!!!!!!! That was easy. :p

    Yet, still entirely stressful! lol  :o
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    Testing with 12.59. Works incredibly well!!

    @sickseo: My gratitude to you! You're a true lifesaver, bro! o:)   :)

    Thanks for the invaluable information!!!!!!
  • @Deeeeeeee

    Thanks for sharing the file for 12.59. I shall have to test it out.

    I've switched back to 12.19 for the time being. Reason is I noticed that expressengine (article) seems to work really well with it. No idea why though. As the engine files seem the same in old and new versions (atleast the modified date is the same, no idea about the code within).

    But with the new version, I don't get a single link on that platform.

    As for the file I shared for will overwrite stuff if you unpack it, so back up anything you want to keep, projects, engine files, custom data files.

    Or as you suggest, unpack it on another computer to get access to the files you want. But once you have unpacked it, you can just copy the application file for it and paste into your actual install folder where ser is.
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  • @sickseo
     can you share 12.19 ser file only ? I want my hands on that too :P
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    @sickseo: Thanks a million! :)

    I hadn't yet extracted the 12.19 DL, so this saved me time.

    Very very much appreciated. I have it running right now.

    Def 100% as you described it! :)
  • @sickseo you are the hero.. i was searching 12.17 - 12.18 - 12.19 over 3 days.. finally found from you. thank you so much
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