Numerals in domains/branding?

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Most sites/ppl say numerals in domains is bad.


What about a numeral as part of branding. Then is it OK for a domain? SHOULD a brand ever have a numeral?

Why does a numeral spook ppl?

Here goes a few: 9485 3957 9457 93579237932572935701060285018106437148150747740523857 >:)

Actually, a bunch. Everyone OK?!~ :o

C'MON! Why could a number HURT?!


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    wow...guess everyone's too busy lately?? we should ALL be, thanks for the examples! :p

    for those NOT too busy, here's one example: 1std(i)bs.c(o)m

    successful branding.  so, from that point of view, no issues.

    OK..Is there an SEO reason, then? (example site is also super-successful, in terms of ranking)

    not trying to hear the answers from ppl elsewhere!

    this has to be the #1 under-rated SEO board going. def welcome comments from *ANY* board member, new or long-timer. I would like to have a discussion, and all perspectives are worth listening to.

    this board is actually full of studious SEO ppl. maybe many are not at all experienced, but everyone is learning! And there are some serious MASTERS posting. none of the riff-raff and shady figures...seems Sven boots them forthright!! ;)


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    ...I chose to purchase the domain with the numeral. 


    Imagine which may be less confusing:

    Bestone? Be Stone? Confusing...

    Is this supposed to be faux-Italian for bestest ever? :| 

    I don't like how it reads.  I'm OK with my numeral; again, any wisdon on why I may have chosen wrongly???
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