Does SER search target scraping wait until projects are finished...

before looking for more targets?  Or does it search for targets simultaneously, as it posts?


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    SER finds new targets while a single project is running, cycling randomly, I've been told, through the KWs and SEs.

    So let's say SER scrapes, and the KW "peanut butter", is  one you entered.

    You'll see the list of results, numbered, as they scroll up.

    I think SER iterates through this entire on-the-fly generated list before loading another list (with a new KW and SE) for each project. Additional threads permit GSA-SER to check out multiple potential targets on the list for "postability".

    *The part I'm unsure about: I had thought, perhaps b/c I misunderstood, that SER will ALSO only look for one type of SER(.ini)  engine at a time. BUT...that was a few months ago, and now it seems that is not how it works, but rather that GSA-SER will go down the list of ALL engines (.ini files) checkboxed for each [KW + SE] list it generates by scraping.

    Any GSA experts around right now who can clear this up?
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