[Feature Request] Identification on GPU (CPU is very slow)

Lord_AlfredLord_Alfred world
edited January 9 in GSA Platform Identifier

Yesterday I scraped very small urls list and I try to identify this in GSA PI. It's my first time for using this program.
In my own home server (2 x Intel XEON X5660 2.8GHz = 24 cores with hyper threading and 96GB RAM) I "eat" all CPU usage on 50 Threads in GSA PI. And my small urls list (1.5 million unique domains) will be identified in 134 hours (or more)... It's very, very slow.

I think, maybe I use not optimal settings for my project (tell me if its true), but in 2018 year maybe it's time for move to GPU identification? I known, its hard process for programmers, but then identification increase in 10X or 100X times.

My project (and global) settings:


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