Damaging neg links services and G link disavow tool ncessary?

Good morning, friends. :)

I would like to know (from this pool of users as there are many I greatly respect the ideas of on this board) if using services to discover "bad" links is a good idea.  If so, any good services?

Further, is using the Google disavow tool suggested and is there any way of doing it that works best?

I have been negged in past, but didn't at ALL want to involve G in any way. B)

In the past, I just tried to fix the % of KW anchors if thrown off, and for "bad" links, just leave them.

Thank you!~


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    I too do not want to use the Search Console as I don't trust Google. I used AHrefs to discover where the negative SEO links were pointing, thankfully to only a handful of pages, and I 301d those to Google.com (fuckers!)

    I then changed the page URls slightly and the negative SEO damage was reduced to nil.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    @spunko2010: Effective strategy, & you sidestep the Search Console completely!
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Accepted Answer
    I've used the disavow tool in the past when someone blasted me with bad links, and I've just ignored the bad links other times. The effect has always been the same - nothing happened.
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