how to use this program GSA Platform Identifier

hi  i  look   and  the tutorials  I see  o found 
to use o seu up this software 
  don't  should  thus much
 how to setup  this program   with  the  scrap box 

somebody use this program 
 and how   he use 
 so he can help me please


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited October 2017 Accepted Answer
    @abelvi59 - You're probably going to want to use Scrapebox automator plugin to scrape and save the URLS to a folder. You then create a Pi project and set it to "monitor files/folders" and you select the folder where Scrapebox is saving URLS. 

    Shaun made a really good guide on building an auto approve list that should cover everything with Scrapebox and Pi :

    You can see an older Pi overview here:

    Also if you're on a VPS, I can help you configure Pi, but you'll have to setup Scrapebox automator yourself. 
  • abelvi59abelvi59 Estados Unidos
    let me buy the plugin then 
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