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Can you please submit in the language filter this options i miss this countrys! All Europien countrys!
Austria .at
Switzerland .ch
Lichtenstein .li
Europe .eu
Netherland .nl
Dänmark .dk
Belgium .be
Luxembourg .lu
Irland .ie
Greece .gr
Slovenia .si
Sweden .se

would be nice if this is posible for an much better europien country filter. This is 100% correct domain endings.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @puntoGT - The language filter doesn't work by domain extension. 

    If you enable the keywords filter and choose "domain name" option you can add these extensions like:



    It will only keep domains with that extension. 

    You can also add a "-" symbol in front if you want to skip those domains. 

  • Thank you i try that out fine :)
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