Need expert help, I found that my competitors bought a lot of links, what way to deal with it?

I have found some one build a lot of pbns(domains are aged and related with the kw), and sale a lot of links to my competitors. and my competitors get good ranks after they bought them. I can be 100% sure that my competitors have purchased the link. Because I use ahrefs, moz and other tools to check the competitors sites and found the new links from these pbns. And the maker of pbn also contacted me and asked if I needed to buy his link.

I do not want to buy these links, is there are other solutions?


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    need help. thanks.
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    TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    Accepted Answer
    Yes, you build your own PBN network.
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    Accepted Answer
    You don't need to buy the same pbn links as your competitor. Building your own pbn network would be the best solution. But the cheaper way is to use ser to power up your tier 1 links. Once they have enough tiers pointing at them, they can and will be more powerful than those pbn links.

    End of the day, as long as your tier 1 link is indexed, is do follow, with low obls, it is perfect for powering up. Ser links as tier 1 may die off over time, but not all of them. So keep powering up your older links till the DA and PA increase. 3 tiers is all you need, but you need to keep link checking every week and powering up links with the lowest number of inbound links. Replacing those lost links.

    I bought some brand new domains for £5 back in february. I have been doing the above and now my domains are over DA 30. With just ser and 3 tiers.

    How much would that cost you to buy? A single domain with DA30+ with referring domains over 3k and niche relevant? Sure it may be lacking domain age, but the domain power and relevancy is enough to move rankings.
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