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Hello, I was facing an issue in Proxy. After doing a lot of research I have found StormProxies and I have brought $39 package of Rotating Proxies with threads 40(max.). But I am getting LPM 1.52. Can anyone suggest me that is it worth? I'm I spending much money without getting the result from GSA?

Here is the screenshot.

Please share some good suggestion for me.


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    I'm I doing wrong?
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    @theresamoore143  After done Lots of research? LOL!  If you do lot of research why did you ask your question incomplete?  LPM not only depends on proxies. It depends on many factors. Plus rotating proxies are mostly from resident ips .If you do lot of research you must know resident ip connections are super slow when compare to server based dedicated/private ips. Ofc i love resident ips as well since it gets lower recaptchas. But your case you want to higher up LPM when it comes to proxies you have choosen wrong solution. Btw never give up gsa ser is not somthing for warriorforum's newbies dream tools. You have to learn and work hard kiddo ;)

    Depends on wether you are using premium verified list , which proxies you use , the server you are using , filters you use , engines etc. 

    Good luck! 
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    Thanks Cosmetak, Can you suggest me where I can buy the best premium verified list? and if I use only premium list then should buy only dedicated proxies from 
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    Accepted Answer
    @theresamoore143   There are few in bst section here

    Serverifiedlists or grind list. Both have decent targets. 
    Secondly looplines specially if you are using text / recaptcha solvers too.
    If you want to use same old crap go for serocket. So stay away from them. 

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