Trying to Rank an expired tumblr url with GSA and SEREngines only

Instead of trying this on a domain, I went for an expired tumblr blog. The url that I am going to rank is a single page something like name 

Kontent Machine
10 private proxies
GSA Captcha breaker

Tumblr Blog:

- some backlinks pointing to it already since it was an expired tumblr blog that I registered
- Added some content on September 18 to name  + some filler posts

Sept 19,2017

- A test campaign to see my success rate with SEREngines with out 2captcha
- Added 2captcha to the same campaign 
- Results 14 unique web 2.0 accounts (And then I realized that I had very less content to feed the Blog title and taglines so I started receiving errors before I stopped the campaign)

Sept 21, 2017

I loaded my GSA ane SEREngines with contents from Kontent Machine

15 email accounts  (5 catchall + 5 + 5 ) The and accounts were created with GSA itself.
GSA captach breaker
10 private proxies 


687 verified web 2.0 links ( I screwed up there since I had multiple post on the web 2.0 accounts with the same url pointing to the target page ). So from a single web 2.0 I had around 2-4 blog post pointing to my tumblr page. 

28 different platforms (my highest success ration so far). I look forward to have at least 32 soon.

The tumblr blog was indexed by no the target page name. So, I used instantlinkindexer to index it.

Sept 22, 2017   

So some cool thing happening here 


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    Non-theoretical knowledge always good. thumbs up. but can i ask some questions?

    1. 687 verified web2.0 links by sere cost how much 2captcha points? just want to compare with my cost.
    2. I have saw your 3 pictures. one update by 2017/9/21 seems not get rank by any words. one update by 2017/9/23 seems get good ranks as you show. one update by 2017/9/24 seems not get good ranks. what about these? Did you provide the wrong picture?
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    This works much better if you use fresh tumbler instead. Trust me i am telling this with experince. Fresh works better than expired. Use low obl contextuals to give much weight. 
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    What happened after 25th September ? Did the site disappear from serps forever ?
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    I am sorry but I didn't actually take note of the 2captcha points. For I am sure that it cost around $4-$6.  Regarding the last pic, my keywords disappeared from the google as per the :)

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     Thanks for that. I will check on it.
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    Nope! Nope! 

    So here is the thing. The screenshots I uploaded before was for country specific search 


    So the keywords have lost the rankings but it is still a decent position when it comes to building links with GSA SER. After that campaign I haven't build any links to it. But with in the next 24 hours I am going to start another campaign and start building more links.

    This one looks impressive though.  on page 2 for my main keywords just with the GSA SER links. 

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