Anybody ever tried this for tier 1

Almost everybody knows google hate mass automation

I have been away from ser for about 8 months

Anybody ever tried this:

between 1-10 links for each contextual engine

The site must have great alexa

Spin the article to where there is barely any duplicate content or import new articles for each link

I did not count the number of contextual engines, but say 20.  so at 1-10 links per engine

that would be say 20-200 links instead of 10000000 of links per post

I think it would be better to use less links per engine, because it would be weird to get 1000 links from article dashboard, now if we talk about less than 10 or 5, it should be ok

I would also maybe use, generic, branding anchor text


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    then I was thinking on to tier 2. I think most would send 100000 links to tier 1. But use only maybe 100 links to each tier 1

    Reason, most of the domains are not high authority links like tumblr, they are probably a little stronger or weaker than you. 

    Would you send 100000 links to your site, probably not. So I think it same effect as sending it to your site. 

    Plus if you a buy a list. You blast a link 100000 of times so did everybody else that did that so that is too much for one site
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