Can't Run Scrapebox Now That I Have SER Running

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OK...I have not posted this before, because I thought maybe it was something I had done wrong. But now it is happening on both of my PCs. I have two licenses for Scrapebox. I run one on my laptop and one on my desktop. Last week when I installed SER (and Captcha Sniper & Indexer) on my laptop, I started having problems with SB. When I start it up, it will get try to verify the license for a long time. Then it pops up the following message...

"It appears something is preventing ScrapeBox from accessing the internet. Please try whitelisting scrapebox.exe in you security software and ensure you have a working internet connection."

Sometimes I will also get this message...

"Unable to access any ScrapeBox server at the moment. Please try again in a moment."

I kind of ignored the problem, but now that I have installed all the same things on my desktop, I am having the same problem there. I cannot run SB on either PC now.

I am running Avast Antivirus on both PCs. I have whitelisted SB in Avast and it didn't matter (I have not been getting errors from Avast about this program.). I have even turned Avast off, so I am confident it is not that.

There is nothing in the "hosts" file on either PC that is blocking anything.

I know that this is not support for SB, but this problem has only happened since I installed SER (and associate other programs), so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.


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    I think the Scrapebox verification server is down. That was the case a few days ago and it seems it happened again. Doesn't work for me either.
  • this has nothing to do with gsa, cs or anything else.  SB validation servers have been getting hammered by DDOS attacks.
  • Ahh...I wondered if there was something going on at that end. Thanks guys!

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