Ranks fluctuating


  • I am trying to increase ranks (as we all are) and I notice that when my projects are all running, the ranks fluctuate and don't go up but actually go down. Then when I turn the projects off completely and there are no submissions or verifications happening, a few days later my ranks start to improve.

    I currently have 3 projects running and they are making links to my money site directly. I have them set at 100 Verifications per day, so a total of 300 verifications to the same domain each day. The domain is around 1 year old and already has 300k backlinkslinks. The domain has (from what I am tracking) 6 in the top 3 and 12 in the top 10. The rest range from Rank 17 to 130.

    Can I get some advice here:

    1) What is the safe amount or max amount of submitteds and also verifications that I should set my projects to?
    2) Should I run projects every day or 2 days or 3 days or even just once per week?
    3) Should I not run 3 projects at the same time to the same domain?
    4) Is it because I am submitting and posting why I am losing ranks?
    5) Why is it that I when I stop posting and all projects are off that ranks bounce back?

    Thanks in advance guys.
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