What is your average LPM/VPM ratio?

Right now I have 2 projects running, 45 LPM, 0.63 VPM. 600 threads

I feel like this is very low. 

I imported a site list that I processed with GSA PI from a scrapebox scrape and have most engines enabled, no real filters except some bad words and country: China, language: Chinese.


  • I'm happy if I am getting 60 VPM with 2 links per domain. Need a lot of emails for this though.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    how the hell can you get 0,63 vpm from a scraped and processed file from GSA PI ? 

    are you sure you loaded them all up correctly ?
    Have you checked if they are listed in remaining target url's? 
    Have you even checked "Active (VE)" (global site lists only?) or whatever its called..

    im becoming a fucking GSA Guru over here :) 

    I love GSA

    If it still is 0.63 VPM which is hard to believe with a verified list with GSA PI, check your GSA CB.. how big of hard time does it have solving those captchas.. are you that unlucky person who scraped only recaptcha engines ? :D hard to believe tho..

  • Yes i'm aware of all those settings.

    I am running with 20 private proxies, 10 of those are backconnect so they change IP every 10 minutes

    No it is not scraping google or any search engines it is using the site lists i imported directly into the project which were the GSA PI output. (over 6mil+ URLs)

    i HAVE recently started using catchall emails, but when I do verify email only it does work and gsa is able to read the emails so i dont know if that is effecting it.

    i have a lot of submitted URLs, just barely any verified. 

    since posting this i have tried adding additional proxies, did not seem to make a difference.

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    could you run it and make a screenshot of your log? 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands

    Bro I ran into a similar issue today.. 

    here's what fixed this permantly for me!

    1. Select all your projects you have this issue with.

    a. put them to inactive.
    b. go to modify -> options/ engines (and see if all engines are set correctly, I usually add all englihs, remove google by mask)
    c. (Here's the trick that solved it) while inactive, go and remove target url cache
    d. (another one) while inactive, go and remove target url history

    e. Run it, Activate it.. and boom :) from 0vpm in 2 hours to 59vpm :) 
  • yes this does work well if i'm running off a verified site list

    however i am running off an 'identified' list basically, trying to create verified links from a GSA PI output

    here is something else that is a big problem for me. i'm only able to get SER to read from this site list if  i right click the project and go to 'Import from site list -> Identified'. however this loads like 6 million targets and the speed is not good

    if i DONT forcefully load them in this way, it will continually say 'Loaded 0/0 URLs from site list' 

    my project running off my 'verified' sitelist i do NOT have to do this, i just set it to read from the Verified site list in my project settings and it does its thing

  • the fix for the 0/0 URLs from site list issue was this:

    Platform Identifier was set to save the lists as format name.txt as default and GSA SER was set as type-name.txt 

    for anyone who may have same issue
  • seomaxseomax Germany
    @kijix84 Where can I check the platform identifier settings?
  • @seomax its in the per project settings
  • I would not recommend deleting the target url history... ever.

    What you do though is "remove urls already in project history" as well as clean out all duplicates.

    That'll give you a fresh start.

    Emptying the target url cache does make sense though when you've - for whatever reason - you've imported crappy targets.

    To answer your original question: my VPM is usually around 10 to 15; I limit daily links on most projects. When going for a blast, depending on the number of proxies and/or threads, vpm is quite scaleable... very scaleable indeed.
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