Text Captcha Solving

What is the best text captcha solver right now?

I have been using BanditIM, and I like that its one cost unlimited captchas. But I think I am still probably missing many text captchas.

Has anyone compared against textcaptchasolver.com? It seems really expensive but I would like to hear from someone who has actually compared the two.


  • You can try Captcha Solutions see their API http://www.captchasolutions.com/document/#TextCaptcha
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Guys are you kidding me with these OCR's ? 
    Look at this one... 24,95$ .. oke so lets say 25$.. 
    You got Blazing with 5 OCR threads for 13$

    so together thats 38$ a month? 
    If you would have bought a captcha service for 38$ you would get at LEAST 38k captcha's solved.
    "AT LEAST" because sometimes the price is cheaper.
    You probably all have Captcha Breaker who solves a % of it. Just set it to retry 5 times to even ferther increase the chance of a solving it with CB. 

    And if it fails go to the captcha solver... make it only for hard captchas... put on do-follow to not waste your money and your done... for 2 months.. not 1 month...
  • uhm i never said OCRs aren't valuable, i already use reverseproxies OCR and captchatronix (which may end up cancelling depending on my further test). however, if you look at the prices on that text captcha solver.com service, it goes up very expensive. like some over $100 when text captchas only 10-15% of all captchas. anyway since i put this thread i already subscribed and i'm testing them out now using their 50k plan. if i keep it i will probably drop to 20k because i find i am not able to use the full 50k
  • Another alternative that is already integrated in GSA is https://www.textcaptchadecoder.com
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