Ranking sites in foreign languages

I figured I'd open up a thread right here in this forum, because I was going to do this using GSA SER and we've got some hardcore rankers in this forum.

So, I've been wondering if any of you guys has ever tried ranking a website in a different language (i.e. german), using SER. I imagine it'd be much harder to make a website stick in the long run (because you'd be sending shitloads of english backlinks to your german website). I wouldn't mind if my won't be around for too long, as long as it's a couple of weeks/months.
Basically, I'd like to know if it's possible at all and if any of you guys have experience in doing so.


  • If it counts, I ranked some parasites in foreign language, even by using default English texts.   ;)

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    @Nikodim Don't know if it does to be honest. Don't parasites rank pretty easily as long as you throw shit loads of links at them?
  • InsanityInsanity Thailand
    How did this experiment go?

    Can we not just post the comments from the country we are trying to rank in by selecting the search engine?
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